Action News helps local man receive refund for hearing aid


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Action News helps local man receive refund for hearing aid

By Tricia Kean. CREATED Aug 15, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Hearing aids are a necessary part of life for many, but they can come with a hefty price tag.

When one Las Vegas man wasn't getting what he paid for, he reached out to our Call for Action volunteers for help.

"All I ended up with was the left ear basically. Then I said this isn't right."

Dave Gunderson wanted to know why he was paying so much money. It was last September when he originally agreed to pay more than $6,000 for two hearing aids. But there were issues with the one for his right ear almost immediately after getting it.

"Just within the next 10 days it was not working. So I went back in again. He readjusted it."

But the problem wasn't the hearing aid. Turns out, in the time it took to make the device, the hearing in Dave's right ear had gotten worse.

"My right ear is probably about 90 percent gone. Only extremely loud noises get through on that side," he explained.

Because he was practically deaf on the right side, Dave said he was told he couldn't be getting a hearing aid for that ear after all.

"I didn't think it was right that I should have one hearing aid and be paying full price that had originally been set up."

David said he asked about getting a reimbursement, but could never get a clear answer. That's when he decided to contact Call for Action. Our volunteers made a call, and Dave said he saw results at his next doctor's visit.

"I walked in and it was the first thing, I sat down, he said well Dave, I've checked with my manufacturer. We'll give you a $2,000 rebate for the fact that you only have the one hearing aid."

In all, he got back more than $2,200 and is amazed by how much one phone call from Contact 13 accomplished.

"You don't feel like you've been satisfied or gotten any compensation out of the thing. I would definitely call 13. It sure seemed to work magic for me."

Here's the Contact 13 bottom line: When dealing with any company, remember as the paying customer you do have rights. If you don't feel you're being treated fairly, don't be afraid to speak with a manager or owner.

If it's a major cost, like hearing aids, always be sure to understand the company's refund policy.

Tricia Kean

Tricia Kean

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