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Recorded message posing as bank to gather personal information


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Recorded message posing as bank to gather personal information

By Daniel Gutierrez. CREATED Apr 4, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- You can't be too careful these days about where you swipe your debit card. Thieves are getting better and better at stealing your information. Sometimes they do it, with just a simple phone call.

"I believe this is, you know, something fishy going on," said Nani Pantoja.

She said she got an unexpected call last week, "They just said this is Wells Fargo calling about your debit card."

She said it was a recorded message, telling her a credit limit had been placed on her card. It was a technical error by the bank, and they were looking to fix the issue. But first they needed some information.

"And then it says, please enter your social security number, and that's when I stopped. I hung up the phone," said Nani.

She said she knew it was a scam the minute they asked for her social. So she called contact 13, "I don't trust it, and I wanted other people to know about it."

We called Wells Fargo, which confirmed they'll never ask for your social security number over the phone. If you get a similar call asking for any personal information, Wells Fargo said simply hang up, and call them yourself to confirm what's going on.

"Use common sense when they ask for things like that," said Nani.

Here's the Contact 13 bottom line: We've heard from a number of valley residents who said they've received the same call. If you get this type of call, call Wells Fargo at (800) TO-WELLS.

If you think you've been the target of any scam, remember we've got your back Southern Nevada. Send an email to, and we'll see what we can do to help.

For more information from Wells Fargo, click here.