Hollywood making the move to Las Vegas


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Hollywood making the move to Las Vegas

By Daniel Gutierrez. CREATED Feb 28, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Lights, camera, action. Not all the action is happening just in Hollywood. There's a big push to bring the movie business to Nevada and create a lot of local jobs.

Hollywood has been here before. But those in the know, say it's only the beginning.

"People want to do commercials and movies and TV shows, and we're working on a few reality shows," said Jaki Baskow.

She said business is good. The local celebrity and talent manager said her phone is ringing off the hook.

"There's a lot of people calling and inquiring, and I think it's going to bring millions of dollars in revenue into this state," said Jaki.

It's all thanks to Senate Bill 165. It offers tax credits to TV, movie and other productions that film here in Nevada. And it's working.

"It's coming, and they've really opened the door for Hollywood," said actor Adrian Zmed.

He ought to know. The former star from television's "T.J. Hooker," and films like "Grease 2" is now a Las Vegas resident. With so much local growth in the film industry, he's actually preparing to teach acting classes.

"I think a lot of work is going to come here for people in film and television," said Adrian.

Local star Cambrie Littlefield also sees a bright future. This pageant coach hit it big in the TV world with the hit show "Toddlers and Tiaras." She said her schedule is filling fast.

"If somebody said you had to move to L.A. to be successful in this industry, I would say that's absolutely not true. I've been working with Jaki here in Vegas and I've got tons of work. I actually have a show in development right now," says Cambrie.

But it's not just those in front of the camera that are smiling.

"We have a Dakota Fanning project coming up with Lola Pictures, and then we have Mall Cop 2 coming up with Sony. So we're seeing an increase," said J.R. Reid.

He's owner of J.R. Lighting & Grip. He said Hollywood is definitely knocking on his door more, with 3 movies already this year, set to shoot in Nevada. In fact, J.R. is starting a class on lighting, in order to teach anyone looking to get into the business.

The same goes for Jon Fondy of Wizsonix Films. He's seeing an increase in work, and feels Las Vegas has what it takes to keep Hollywood coming back.

"The tax incentive gives somebody a real mission to come to Las Vegas. And we've got the quality to match some of the New York and Hollywood companies," said Jon.

Senate Bill 165 calls for 60-percent of a production to be made right here in Nevada. So that's great news for anyone looking for work in-front of, or behind the camera. The productions are going to need actors, photographers, lighting, editors and more.

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