Action News helps family with lost luggage

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Action News helps family with lost luggage

By Daniel Gutierrez. CREATED Oct 8, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Have you ever had an airline lose your luggage? It can be a real headache, that can ruin a trip.

It happened to one Valley family, who tried for months to get some answers. So they reached out to Contact 13, and we flew in with some real results.

"Took the family out for about 10-day stay to tour Washington, D.C.," said Scott Martin.
It was a dream vacation for the Martin family. With two kids adopted from Romania, and three from Ethiopia, it was a chance to experience some real American history.
"It was just a great trip for taking our five kids there for the first time," said Scott.
He said he and his wife took the kids to see it all, during their June getaway, "We hit every single museum you could think of, and really enjoyed ourselves."
Unfortunately, the end of the trip hit some turbulence. It was back on June 17, when the family flew out of Baltimore, aboard Spirit Airlines.
The trouble started when they arrived at McCarran's baggage claim.
"We waited, and waited, and waited for our bag to come off," said Scott.
Long after the luggage carousel had stopped, the Martin family was still missing a suitcase. So Scott found a Spirit Airlines representative.
"He got on the phone right away and called Baltimore directly, and had an answer for us, and said they have it. It will be on the next flight out," explained Scott.
He said he was told the bag would be delivered to his home the next day. But that never happened. 24 hours later, Scott was still waiting, so he called Spirit Airlines.
"It was just continuously we'll call you back tomorrow Mr. Martin, and 3 days would go by. A week would go by. And I would have to call them all the time. Which I thought was ridiculous."
Along with not getting any answers, what also upset him, was he had paid to check that lost bag.
"I believe it was $50 for that bag to be carted and transported properly," said Scott.
The Martins were asked to fill out forms, telling Spirit Airlines what was inside the lost suitcase. They listed everything they could think of, and included credit card statements, showing the value of their lost clothes.
"As consumers we did our part. Gathered everything together. We made copies. We sent it out direct mail to them as they requested."
But there was another problem. Scott said Spirit was claiming he had missed the deadline for getting the forms turned in. They pointed to a line of the paperwork, which said, "To be provided within 30 days."
"We had it there in plenty of time. At least 10 business days prior to the deadline, and they basically shrugged a shoulder at us."
Fed up and with no where else to turn, Scott emailed Contact 13.
We reached out to Spirit, who said they worked diligently with the Martins. Now, almost four months after the bag was lost, and Scott's countless calls, Spirit said they're issuing a check.
So after Contact 13 got involved, the Martins are getting back more than $1,000. That's just shy of the $1,170 estimate turned in by the Martins.
While Scott's waiting for the check, he has a message for Spirit, "I would like to hear them say some sort of apology. But we're not going to get that. We're never going to fly with Spirit Airlines again. We're flying Southwest."
Here's the Contact 13 bottom line: If you have an issue with an airline, contact the company. But you can also file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation. They include those problems in a monthly air travel consumer report, which is available to the public. 
Remember, if all else fails, we've got your back Las Vegas. We can help you, just like we helped the Martins. Email us at