Action News helps woman get refund after not getting what she paid for


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Action News helps woman get refund after not getting what she paid for

By Daniel Gutierrez. CREATED Sep 2, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Have you ever felt like you just didn't get what you paid for? It recently happened to one Las Vegas woman.

After paying hundreds of dollars and finding herself disappointed with the results, she reached out to Contact 13's Call For Action volunteers for help.

"I said, you're taking advantage of me, because you're in the business. I don't know anything about this," said Elnora White.

She recently found herself with a case of buyer's remorse. You see, she needs a motorized scooter to get around.

"l have back problems. I can't stand," said Elnora.

Back in July, she paid a company $340 to install a trailer, that could hold her scooter on the back of her car. But there was one major problem.

"After putting it on, we couldn't open the trunk. Well the tire and the jack and everything is in there. Can't open the trunk even to get to that," said Elnora.

She said she asked the company to fix it. They told her, she'd need an entirely different trailer, if she still wanted access to her trunk. But Elnora couldn't afford it.

"And I said that's not fair to me. If you knew it wasn't the right kind, you should not have put it on," said Elnora.

So she asked the company's manager for a refund. But Elnora said that idea was turned down.

"She said, I'm sorry. I said I can't get my money back? And she said no. When they told me I couldn't get my $340 back, I really was upset. I was angry," said Elnora.

That's when she picked up the phone, and reached out to Contact 13's Call for Action. Our volunteers made a call, and Elnora said the company's corporate office called her back that day. They not only gave Elnora a refund, they also took the trailer off her car.

"I appreciate Channel 13, and I'll tell anybody if they have a problem like I had, to be sure they call Channel 13," said Elnora.

Here's the Contact 13 bottom line: When hiring any business, be sure you completely understand the results of their service, before paying.

Avoid paying the full amount up front. Instead, make a down payment and then inspect the job, before paying the balance.