App helps women make extra money by selling unwanted clothes


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App helps women make extra money by selling unwanted clothes

By Daniel Gutierrez. CREATED Apr 29, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Who doesn't need extra cash? What if we said you could do it, by selling a few things in your closet, you never wear anymore.

"I love shopping. It's like a passion of mine. So my closet was literally like overflowing," said Dixie Axt.

Sound familiar?

"I had maybe 3 quarters of the closet, I wasn't wearing," said Bethany Klein.

So what's a woman to do? Either get rid of some clothes, or get a bigger closet? It turns out, there's an app that can help. It's called Poshmark.

It works a lot like Facebook. You create a page where you post pictures of everything from tops and dresses, to shoes and handbags. Shoppers can follow you, "like" your items and make a purchase.

"I figured why not. I'll give it a try and I downloaded the app. And the next thing I know, I've sold a few thousand dollars worth of clothes," said Bethany.

She started selling a few outfits and accessories about a year ago, and has made about $2,200. She's also discovered some awesome deals.

"I've found Coach items that you know, 50-percent cheaper than you would find in the department stores with tags on them. It's definitely been fun," said Bethany.

And it's easy. Bethany said the app handles everything. Poshmark takes a 20-percent cut, but collects a flat fee of only $2.95 for anything under $15. Once a buyer receives an item, Poshmark collects the money and puts it right in the seller's Poshmark account.

"If I would like to use that toward the purchase of other things, I'm welcome to. And if not, at any time I'm able to click on the app and they can send me a check or direct deposit it into my account," said Bethany.

Poshmark even supplies the seller with the shipping labels. Buyers are charged a standard shipping rate of $4.99 for all orders. Dixie said Poshmark makes earning extra money, a piece of cake.

"I've been very successful with the Poshmark app. Like more so than I ever thought possible," said Dixie.

She said she made her first sale just two days after posting some outfits, "I have made now almost $2,400 since July of 2013. Which is phenomenal."

But she admits, there's one major problem with becoming a Poshmark user, "I have been guilty of purchasing some things with the money that was on my account. So there is definitely that danger. But that's a good kind of danger if you ask me."

We spoke with Poshmark, which said they have more than 7 million items on sale at any given time. The app has been so successful, they're making plans to partner with local shops across the country, to offer you even more choices.