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Door-to-door vacuum sales prompt more complaints

Door-to-door vacuum sales prompt more complaints

By Daniel Gutierrez. CREATED Mar 20, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Just weeks after our consumer alert of a door to door salesman, we're hearing from more people who say they aren't getting what they were promised. Contact 13's Tricia Kean goes looking for answers from locals just trying to get their money back.

"When you're talking about vacuum cleaners, Kirby is top of the line," says Ken Norton.

He says the well known name brand is what attracted him. He and his wife Sandie met salesman Gary Harvey last November, when he knocked on their door.

"When he demonstrated the vacuum, it was very good. And I thought why not?" says Sandie.

They were so impressed, they bought one for $972. But after Harvey left, they started having buyers-remorse. What they didn't realize was Harvey wasn't licensed to be selling door-to-door. And the Kirby Company says Harvey was terminated in 2004 and isn't an authorized salesperson of Kirby products.

It was more than two weeks ago when Contact 13 first told you about Harvey and some of his unsatisfied customers.

"I paid $1,289 for mine," says Marylin Wilson.

She ordered a new vacuum last December. But instead she got what she suspected was a used one. And when we checked her vacuum's serial number with the Kirby Company, we learned Marylin actually has a 2008 model.

"He owes me $800," says Frances Lewis.

She also bought a vacuum in December, but canceled the purchase the very next day. She says Harvey promised a refund but never delivered. When Contact 13 first called Harvey several weeks ago:

"Hi Gary. It's Tricia Kean calling from Channel 13. How are you?" says Tricia.

He wouldn't agree to an interview, but promised to make good with the 2 customers who reached out to Contact 13. But since our first report, both Marylin and Frances say they're still waiting for a refund. And now the Nortons are in the same boat.

"You want to take everybody at their word if you're making a deal with somebody," says Ken.

Fortunatley, the receipt shows they could cancel within three days. So they quickly called Harvey.

"We couldn't get a hold of him to tell him we want the money back. We have 3 days we're going to do it. So we went to the bank on the second day and we notarized the receipt," says Sandie.

But Sandie says when they went to drop-off the paperwork at Harvey's office, it was just a mailbox address. Ken says he regrets buying the vacuum.

"We did all our looking and checking on him after the fact. And we should have done it before," says Ken.

Contact 13 reached out to Harvey again about not only the Nortons, but Frances and Marylin too. He says he doesn't remember the Nortons, but plans to look into their case. Harvey says he also still plans to pay back Marylin and Frances.

So here's the contact 13 bottom line. We're going to stay in touch with Marylin, Frances and the Nortons to see if they get their money back. It's important to note, all door-to-door salesmen are required to have a Clark County Solicitor's License. And Harvey admits he did not have one.

Nevada consumers who believe they have been a victim of a door-to-door scam are strongly encouraged to submit a written complaint to the Nevada Attorney General's Office. Contact the Nevada Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection Hotline at (702) 486-3132 and press "6" to receive instructions on how to submit a complaint.