Father of girl involved in Sisolak scandal rebuts claims

Father of girl involved in Sisolak scandal rebuts claims

By Molly Waldron. CREATED Jan 25, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The scandal continues to brew involving County Commissioner Steve Sisolak and former Henderson City Councilwoman Kathleen Vermillion.

Earlier this week, Vermillion released a video of her 15-year-old daughter accusing Sisolak of carrying on an improper and secretive relationship with her.

Burt Boutin is Kathleen Vermillion's ex-husband and the father of her 15-year-old daughter. He released a statement this afternoon rebutting the allegations made in Vermillion's lawsuit against Sisolak and in the video released Monday.

Boutin, a professional poker player, says Vermillion, her lawyer Robert Martin and her public relations expert Mark Fierro have placed his "teenage daughter in the middle of all this for their own personal benefit."

In the video, we blurred the 15-year-old's face, since she's a minor, and because of the nature of the allegations. The teen alleges that Sisolak made her feel uncomfortable.

The video shows the questions attorneys asked, like "how old were you when he asked to see you in your bathing suit"... And gives the teen's response.

Boutin's statement reads: "I have spoken with my daughter about the allegations that have been leveled against Steve Sisolak. She told me the allegations are false. In a desperate move, Kathleen and her advisers managed To coax my daughter into appearing on a video. My daughter thought she was helping her mother and did not realize the harm that it would cause."

And the war of words continues with yet another statement late this afternoon from Vermillion's attorney, Robert Martin. He does not address Boutin's statement about the allegations being false and contrived. He does re-emphasize that the lawsuit accuses Sisolak of attempting to carry on an improper and secretive relationship with Vermillion's family, including her daughter. But says nothing more on that subject.

Instead, he writes about the meeting they had with Sisolak on Sunday which he calls a legitimate settlement attempt. He says when Sisolak's attorney asked for the settlement conference and indicated they would not be willing to compensate Vermillion financially, they withdrew from that meeting.