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Sisolak files criminal complaint against former Henderson councilwoman

Sisolak files criminal complaint against former Henderson councilwoman

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jan 23, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak announced during a press conference today that he has filed a criminal complaint against former Henderson councilwoman Kathleen Vermillion for extortion.

Sisolak is claiming that Vermillion tried to extort him for $3.9 million during a meeting last Sunday with Vermillion and her lawyer Rob Martin and public relations executive Mark Fierro.

According to Sisolak, Vermillion and her attorneys showed him a three-minuted, heavily-edited video of Vermillion's 15-year-old daughter in which she made statements about actions by Sisolak. In the video, these actions were made to seem tawdry and Sisolak was told that the video would be used to ruin his political career unless he agreed to pay Vermillion $3.9 million.

The video does not accuse Sisolak of any sex crimes but the teen alleges that Sisolak did make her feel "uncomfortable." She said that Sisolak had her model bathing suits and took her on a "movie date." The video also says that he sent her texts late at night and gave her lavish gifts.

To combat that video, Sisolak released copies of text messages that he says he received from Vermillion.

One text message alledgedly from Kathleen states: "I can and will destroy you ... and my anger only motivates me. Back off. Or else."

Vermilion filed a lawsuit just last week in Clark County District Court claiming that Sisolak defamed her after ending their alleged romantic relationship.

Her lawsuit says he released her personal health records to Clark County leaders, including a drug test that reportedly showed a synthetic opiate in her system.

The lawsuit was filed the same day the Vermillion was accused of financial improprieties at the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, where she is chief executive officer.

Vermillion resigned from the Henderson city council earlier this month saying that she needed to spend more time with her children and at her job directing the charity for homeless teenagers.

Vermillion's lawyer says that the $3.9 million is not an attempt at extortion but a settlement offer. He says that is the amount that Vermillion will need to relocate and start her life over since her reputation is now ruined and she can't stay in this town.

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