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Complaints about high water bills spark action from Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak

Complaints about high water bills spark action from Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Jan 2, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The Las Vegas Valley Water District has some explaining to do. Officials are addressing Clark County Commissioners Tuesday after Contact 13 uncovered numerous mistakes involving customer's bills.

"One bill was 57,000 gallons. The backyard should have been knee deep by then," said Peter Taggart.

Peter says he was shocked to open a bill from the water district that said between Sept. 15 and Oct. 14 he used more than $235 worth of water.

He says the high charges started earlier in the summer with a bill for more than $184 between July 17 and Aug. 16.

"I paid the bill at first and figured next month if there's an error, they'll probably catch it," said Peter.

But that never happened. Instead if was followed by one for $120 for the billing period between Aug. 17 and Sept. 14.

"The bills just kept going up," said Peter.

Peter says he checked his property for leaks, but never found anything. So that's when he decided to email Action News for answers after seeing he wasn't the only one stuck with a high bill.

"I received a bill for $840.20," said Vicki.

"We now owe $1,100," said Steven.

"I received my bill, it was $2,184.54," said Sharon.

Contact 13 is taking your complaints straight to the water district. And in our previous reports, we've uncovered customers mistakenly charged hundreds of dollars for water they never used.

"They've said that I used 456,000 gallons of water,' said Sharon.

"What happened here," asked Action News Anchor Tricia Kean to Scott from the Las Vegas Valley Water District.

"Actually it was our mistake and it has now been corrected," said Scott.

The emails just keep coming in. Many of you are frustrated with not just high bills but equipment issues and what some of you call poor customer service.

"The results were swift and positive," said Peter.

Peter is actually getting a credit. After looking into his case, the water district says Peter's electronic meter reading device was over recording. They emailed Contact 13 a statement saying  they "recalculated the customer's usage for the four months in question. This resulted in a credit of $275.05."

"That's ridiculous," said Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak.

Just last month, Contact 13 paid a visit to Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak. He was surprised to see what we uncovered and vowed to get to the bottom of the issue.

"As a result of my seeing this, I chair the Las Vegas Valley Water District, I'm going to ask for an agenda item for our next meeting," said Sisolak.

He also said he wants Pat Mulroy, general manager of the water district, to explain what is going  with all these mistakes.

The Clark County Commissioner meeting is Jan. 3 at 9 a.m. at the Clark County Government Center at 500 S. Grand Central Parkway. Contact 13 will be there and let you know what happens.