County Commissioner takes action regarding water complaints

County Commissioner takes action regarding water complaints

By Daniel Gutierrez. CREATED Dec 6, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Dozens and dozens of Las Vegas Valley Water District customers are upset about receiving skyrocketing bills. Now a Clark County Commissioner is taking action after our Contact 13 investigation into billing and customer service issues. Contact 13's Tricia Kean sat down with Commissioner Steve Sisolak who says our reports prove changes are needed.

"I received my bill, it was $2,184.54," says Water District customer Sharon.

"I received a bill for $840.20," says customer Vicki.

Last month, Contact 13 began revealing some of the shocking charges by the Las Vegas Valley Water District. In some cases, customers were mistakenly charged hundreds of dollars for water they never used. And the Water District made a commitment to look at every consumer complaint we receive.

With mounting complaints, Contact 13 went to Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, President of the Water District's Board of Directors for some answers. We showed him our pile of emails, and then our 3 reports on the Water District. He seemed surprised by the issues people are having with the Water District.

"If they have a leak the lady had to call a plumber, she had to call a landscaper, that costs money. And then when they find out that there was no leak, there's billing errors, is the Water District reimbursing these people for the charges for the plumber to come out there? I don't think so," says Sisolak.

"At what point does the Water District take responsibility for their meter," asks Tricia. "Well you're absolutely right it's not realistic, my mom is 85 years old. I would never expect my mother to walk down to the sidewalk and pick up the metal grate on top of the meter and pull it off and look if the meter is leaking," says Sisolak.
What's also frustrating for customers who contacted Action News is many say they can't get a hold of the Water District to even discuss their issues.

"She said Tricia, I could never get somebody on the phone. That's why I had to contact you," says Tricia. "That is totally completely 100% unacceptable and the Water District should have to answer for that. I mean they are a public agency. They provide water. They should be responsive to the consumer," says Sisolak.

So after showing him your complaints, Commissioner Sisolak is vowing to be an advocate for angry Water District customers.

"So what can we do," asks Tricia. "Well what we're going to do is, as a result of my seeing this, I chair the Las Vegas Valley Water District, I'm going to ask for an agenda item for our next meeting... and have Ms. Mulroy give us an explanation of exactly what in the world is going on," says Sisolak.

So here's the Contact 13 bottom line. As you just heard your complaints are going to the very top. Commissioner Sisolak plans to address your issues with Pat Mulroy, General Manager of the Las Vegas Valley Water District. And our cameras will be there for that January meeting.

So, keep letting us know if you feel you're not getting the help you need and we'll make sure your voice is heard. Email us at, and we'll continue to look into your complaints.