HOA Hall of Shame president guilty of coercion

HOA Hall of Shame president guilty of coercion

CREATED Apr 14, 2011

The man previously dubbed president of Contact 13's HOA Hall of Shame has been found guilty of coercion in a North Las Vegas court.

Let's take a look back at our first encounter with Joe Bitsky outside his home in November.

Joe Bitsky: "You come here to degrade me."

"I just came here to ask questions," said Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears.

Joe: "No, no, no you came here to degrade me because you did not..."

Darcy: "Not the case."

Joe Bitsky, who made himself famous by ranting, insulting and sticking his tongue out on camera, pled no contest Thursday to two counts of misdemeanor coercion.

The charges stem from an October homeowner association meeting in the Autumn Chase community in North Las Vegas where Bitsky was president at the time.

"At the end of the meeting he locked us in his home because he found out that the recording had taken place and he wouldn't let us out," said homeowner Amie-Jo Dinsio.

State law requires HOA meetings to be recorded.

But that didn't stop Bitsky from raising a stink.

Here's a transcript of part of the audio recording from that meeting.

Joe: "Erase it right now, erase it!"

Amie: "No, I am not."

Joe: "You either give it to me or..."

Amie: "No."

Joe: "Alright, call the cops right now!"

Amie: "You are not calling the cops."

Joe: "I am too!"

Amie: "Oh my god!"

Joe: "Call the cops right now!"

We asked him why he deals with his homeowners like that?

Joe: "It's not how I deal with the homeowners."

Darcy: "You're dealing with me the same way."

Joe: "Look, it's how I deal with jerks!"

In that November interview, we asked Bitsky about the HOA meeting that landed him in court.

Darcy: "You physically prevent people from leaving your home - you demand that..."

Joe: "Excuse me, excuse me, hold it!"

Darcy: "Why do you get so upset?"

Joe: "Excuse me hold on a second! I'll tell you what. Because of this, that recording is illegal, in other words."

Darcy: "What you do have to hide? Why don't you want to be recorded?"

Joe: "Nice questions. Are you gonna listen or what?"

Though Bitsky pled no contest to the coercion charges, the court entered a finding of guilty on both counts.

He'll have to pay nearly $1300 in fines and take anger management classes.