Students on the bubble pushed to graduate


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Students on the bubble pushed to graduate

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Oct 18, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Saturday morning, our students are invited to reclaim their future. Volunteers with the Clark County School District will go door-to-door in an effort to help students graduate.

We visited Chaparral High School as their team prepared to visit students' homes.

They are armed with information to help kids graduate, including their grades and proficiency status.  In years past, they looked for students who dropped out.  But this year, the focus is shifting to students like Melonie and John. Students who do come to school but need a push to graduate.
Jon told us why it's so important to graduate.  "No one else in my family has gotten their high school diploma yet."
Principal David Wilson is credited for turning Chaparral High School around. "Reclaim is where we go out and sit in their own home. We go in their own personal environment, and say we love you. We care about you. You can do it."
This single team has identified about 20 homes they'll be visiting, showing parents where their kids are behind and giving them resources to help them succeed. After making some mistakes along the way, Melonie is now close to graduating. "After I came to Chapparal, they put you were you need to be to do it. it's not easy but it's worth the hard work that you put towards it."
Another big message the reclaim team will be getting out? In years past, our students could walk in the graduation ceremony, and get a cert of attendance. That's no longer the case in Nevada. If your child can't pass proficiency, they can't walk in graduation.
Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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