Red Cross honors local heroes

Red Cross honors local heroes

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Oct 17, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The American Red Cross is honoring a couple of brothers at it's 7th annual Everyday Heroes Awards. We first met these guys the night their home burned to the ground when the Avila boys saved their brother's life. 

The fire broke out inside the Avila home on April 30, trapping the youngest son, Giovanni, inside.
Oldest brother Diego remembers, "I ran to the back room and the walls were on fire and  he was sleeping like nothing was going on."
14-year-old Giovanni has autism and was soundly sleeping as the house was burning down around him.  "I picked him up, Drayvon was already busting out the window. I handed Giovanni to Drayvon and he ran."
Clark Lamping with the Clark County Fire Department says,  "I talked to the crews from station 23. They told me with 100 percent certainty that if it wasn't  for these boys, Giovanni would've been killed in this fire."
The Clark County Fire Department honored the brothers right after the fire and then nominated them for the Red Cross hero awards.  Because as bad as the fire was -- the family lost everything -- they did not lose their brother. "I really didn't care if I died.  Because if i die, I die trying to get him. I'm not going to live with that on my shoulders that I didn't go in there and save my brother because I was too afraid of the fire."
The Red Cross is honoring 11 people or groups at the awards.
Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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