Operation Fire H.E.A.T. delivers Christmas cheer to local families


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Operation Fire H.E.A.T. delivers Christmas cheer to local families

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Dec 23, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- They are the ones that you call when your life is burning down around you -- fire dispatchers.

After years of taking those calls, local dispatchers decided they wanted to help the families that they spoke to after the emergency passed.

So, they founded an organization called Operation Fire H.E.A.T. and it is making Las Vegas a better place to live.

Firefighters from Henderson Station #83 recently delivered Christmas gifts to the Alvarado family.

Firefighters believe that an electric short sparked a blaze that destroyed their mobile home.

The first responders that were there that day when the Alvarados lost their home returned to bring the family gifts.

Operation Fire H.E.A.T. always invites the first responders who arrived during a tragedy to visit the families.

During the first year, there were only 8 dispatchers in the group but now dispatchers and firefighters from all four local agencies support Operation Fire H.E.A.T..

Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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Beth Fisher is an anchor for Good Morning Las Vegas and reports on the positive news in Las Vegas.