Local man repairs bikes and gives them away for free


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Local man repairs bikes and gives them away for free

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Jan 3, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- If you drive a car to and from work every day, you know how precious transportation is. A lot of Las Vegans don't have transportation but we found a man who is doing something about that problem. Scott Jennings makes Las Vegas a better place to live.

Scott Jennings doesn't keep a car in his garage, he keeps bikes and bike parts, "Giving transportation to others is more important to me than having a place to park my car."

On any given day, you'll find Scott in here working and repairing bikes to give people. It all started with a homeless man Scott met who was frustrated that his bike broke.

"He was so ecstatic that somebody would donate a bike to him and help him. He says too many people look past him like he's not even there."

That started the bike project. Scott, a former Marine, said a bike can enable someone to get to and from work. He also fixes them up for children. It's a year-round labor of love. "It's important to me to help others out in life."

Scott finds each bike on Craigslist or sometimes people donate old bikes to him. He puts the money into fixing them up and then keeps his eyes peeled for people who need them.

If you'd like to reach Scott, his number is (702) 538-4770.

Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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