Local group heads to Washington to help cancer patients


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Local group heads to Washington to help cancer patients

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Aug 13, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- We all know someone battling cancer or someone whose lost their life to cancer.  Fortunately, there is a group working to help cancer patients in Las Vegas.  The American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network is fighting to make life better for cancer patients. 

Gabriella and Will are decorating bags, which will light up the United States capitol. Their bags honor their grandfather and mother, both cancer survivors.  
Mom Stace Escalante remembers, "When I was diagnosed with cancer, my first fear was that I was going to lose my job. When you think about losing your life or your job. But that's what I thought. How am I going to keep my job and take care of my kids?"
Now 8 years cancer free, Stacey serves with the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network, fighting to keep cancer a priority with politicians.  It matters to her 10-year-old son, Will. "I know cancer is damaging and people can lose their lives and there are many different kinds of cancers."
One of these lights of hope bags will also honor three-time cancer survivor and current leukemia patient Delia Oliveri.  "Last year there were just thousands of bags around the reflecting pool at the capital. An awesome site to see."
Beautiful and powerful. Inspiring all of us and pressuring DC lawmakers to pass policy that supports the cancer patients we love.
"It puts a spotlight that cancer touches all and we care about it and want our lawmakers to know this makes the national news. This is a priority. it's a special way to honor someone you love."
If you'd like to honor someone you've lost to cancer or buy a bag in support of a cancer survivor they are just $10.  And Stace Escalante will personally take your bag to DC and make sure it's part of the display. 
Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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