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Life Community Center opens in southwest Las Vegas


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Life Community Center opens in southwest Las Vegas

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Oct 22, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- All over the Las Vegas Valley churches are meeting in strip malls, hotels, homes and they're making a difference. A big one.  

But when a church is able to build, it leaves a forever impact. That's happening in the southwest part of town where the Life Community Center is opening its doors. 

Workers are putting on the finishing touches, completing a building that the southwest part of town needs. Pastor Paul Gotthardt said, "Being able to be here as a community center and to be able to offer different places for after school programs, offer a place for meetings, businesses, Girl Scouts, boy scouts, it provides a piece of permanence on this side of town."
Life Community Center is also home to Life Baptist Church, a church that's met in nearly a dozen locations through the years. With every move, it's grown and so has the desire to build a place of permanence. "When we first started the church we wanted it to be a blessing to the community. That's part of what God called us to do. So we wanted to find a place that we can serve, help, try to make the city a better place."
For nearly 10 years, Pastor Paul Gotthardt's church has done that without a building. Members spearheaded the effort to help the Avilla family get back on their feet. They hold community Easter egg hunts, serve at Three Square, volunteer at community events, throw block parties. All without walls of their own. But officer Matt McCarthy says having a permanent building will help the southwest. "This is a transient town. To have a few churches throughout the valley doesn't work. You need to have a place you can just walk in to"
Pastor Paul Gotthardt says the building just means they can serve more people, including other churches. That's right. This church wants to help the competition. "We designed the building so that we could help other churches get started as well. So we have a room that holds about 60 people. One holds 110. The larger one holds 400-425."
A few weeks ago, church members held a celebration. Hundreds of families were there. But to a person they'll say the building isn't the goal. But it just might help them accomplish what is. "Our heart is to provide a place on the southwest side of town for people to be able to get connected. To understand who God is. To know Christ."
This Sunday, the church is having it's grand opening celebration in the southwest. By the way, the mayor has launched a faith based initiative, inviting different denominations to work with our city government to make LV a better place to live.
Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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Beth Fisher is an anchor for Good Morning Las Vegas and reports on the positive news in Las Vegas.