Knack Entertainment brings high-energy message to local kids


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Knack Entertainment brings high-energy message to local kids

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Oct 14, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- He traveled the world performing in the Broadway show "STOMP," now Michael Silvia is right here in Las Vegas performing for Clark County Students.

They are loud and hip and exactly what students at Johnson Carol Middle School can relate to.
And that's why Mike Silvia believes his group of drummers and dancers can get through to students in a way no one else can.  
His company is called Knack Entertainment.  After getting students' attention with his high energy show, he asks, "How many people have seen somebody else get bullied? What do you guys do when that happens?"
Silvia is passionate about his anti-bullying message because he went to a school where bullies changed everything. "A student who was bullied brought a gun to school and opened fire. He shot two people and killed them. He injured 13 other people."
Silvia talks to the students and his performers act out real-life scenarios -- teaching kids how to identify and handle bullies.  Now, he's looking for sponsors so that he can take his loud, but effective message to every Clark county student. "And I'm also letting them know if you're being bulled, you need to speak up. You are not alone."
If you'd like to invite Mike to your school, or you're interested in sponsoring Mike's anti bullying show, click here.
Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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