'I Am Jack' teaching kids about bullying at The Smith Center


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'I Am Jack' teaching kids about bullying at The Smith Center

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Jan 29, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Your kids hear about bullying every day but all this week, the issue is coming to life right before their eyes at The Smith Center. That's where "I am Jack" is showing to Clark County school kids.

The students file in to the theater for a show about a kid just like them. A kid who's creative and funny and the victim of bullies. Author Susanne Gervay says, "And he broke down crying and said he never wants to go to school again. And I cried 10 times harder because I'm his mother and I didn't know my son was terrified of school."

Susanne Gervay wrote the book the show is based on. It's about her own son, Jack, who was bullied relentlessly. Jack is a household name in Australia. The kids there all read "I am Jack" when they're in school. The author is so excited her book and now the show has made it to the United States."It doesn't matter. If you come from Southeast Asia, America, Australia, we all understand family, our kids, we all understand we want our kids to be the best they can be. And abuse of power destroys that."

For a limited time, our students will be the audience getting a glimpse into Jack's life. A life that's now teaching millions of kids around the world how to go from victim to victor.  Candy Schneider, the Vice President of Education and Outreach for the Smith Center says, "For us it's important at the Smith Center to support the initiatives for the school district. How can we use the resources that we have in the arts to support what they're doing?"

After the show, actor Tim McCarry, who plays 10 characters on stage, spends time talking to students about the bullying reality. A morning out of the classroom with a lesson for life.

Remember if your child is being bullied they are more likely to skip school, have a lower self esteem, experience health issues, get bad grades, and use drugs and alcohol.

Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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