Former NFL star now practicing law in Las Vegas


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Former NFL star now practicing law in Las Vegas

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Nov 26, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A former NFL star is right here in Las Vegas practicing law.

George Kunz went to law school in his late 50s after getting razzed by his golfing buddies who are all lawyers themselves. But being a lawyer was a lifelong dream for George.

"I played for the Falcons from 69-74. I was drafted by Atlanta. In 75, I was traded to Baltimore and played with the Colts for another 5 years."

His walls are covered in memorabilia. From the jersey he wore to Notre Dame to his NFL helmets.

George Kunz lived another life before law school, "It was a 1969 draft. OJ Simpson was the first guy drafted. I was drafted right after OJ. He went one. I went two. Leroy Keys. Joe Green. The list goes on. A lot of hall of famers."

And before the pros? A National Championship at Notre Dame where 85-percent of the team went on to get post graduate degrees. So did George decades later, "I was in my late fifties when I went back to law school. I was scared."

George said he had to ask a student how to turn on his computer the first day of law school. But now, he's graduated and practicing with one of his golfing buddies, attorney Keith Galliher.

He enjoys all kinds of law but said his favorite is facilitating step-parent adoptions, "To see a person who feels good about having something resolved is a neat feeling. And to know that you can help is a good feeling."

Kunz said all of the sport memorabilia in his office seems to help make his clients feel more comfortable.

There is one helmet on his wall that doesn't belong to him. It's his son's, who also played for Notre Dame. Kunz is incredibly proud of him and of his wife, Mary Sue. He married the former Kodak smile girl 44 years ago.

Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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