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A Making Las Vegas a Better Place to Live special update


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A Making Las Vegas a Better Place to Live special update

CREATED Jan 10, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- We try to keep in touch with everyone we feature in our newscast and we have a few updates to share.

First, Toys for Smiles. This great organization makes thousands of hand carved wooden toys and they give them to children for free. 

Founder Rex Doty says, "We really care about children all over the world, but the same children you might see in Africa or Mexico are the same children you see on the other side of Las Vegas Boulevard. And we want to take care of them first. That's our goal."

Just this week, NV Energy gave Toys 4 Smiles a $10,000. Congratulations to Rex Doty whose dream started this whole thing back in 2005 -- 160,000 toys ago.

Another Making Las Vegas better update. Just one week ago, we told you about Scott Jennings. He repairs bikes and then gives them away to people who need them for transportation. He is so passionate, his work has taken over his garage.

Scott explained, "Giving transportation to others is more important to me than having a place to park my car."

Since that story aired, a few viewers have called Scott wanting bikes. But even more of you are donating bikes to Scott so that he can fix them up and give them to Las Vegans in need.

And finally, we took you inside this cool, hip headquarters of Legacy X. It was founded by one of the members of Recycled Percussion. 

We've just received word that this place is launching a social media effort to create the world's largest anti-bulling sign. Want to be a part of it? Write your anti-bullying message on red paper and send it to the Legacy X headquarters. 

In a few months, all of our messages will be taken to a spot in the Nevada desert and put together to form the largest ever anti bullying sign. The address is: 4270 Cameron Street, Suite, Las Vegas, NV 89103