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Family to Family Connection prepares Las Vegas kids for life


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Family to Family Connection prepares Las Vegas kids for life

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Aug 8, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- You can solve many of the world's problems by loving and educating a child from the time they are born.  

If kids head in to school confident and prepared, they are more likely to go to college, get jobs and pay taxes. This is why the non-profit Family to Family Connection is not just appreciated, it is vital.

Teachers like Rebekah help kids develop academic and social skills. She knows it will make all the difference when they head to kindergarten.  
Mom Miriam Hernandez said, "The first time we came here my daughter started changing. She was very aggressive. But here she is calm and cute."
Miriam brings her two daughters. A stay-at-home mom, she began to realize her girls needed help socializing.  
Same for twins Leo and Jacob. Born prematurely, the boys couldn't safely be near people for the first few years. Now, they're playing catch up in a place that welcomes everyone. Their father Pete Durazo said he appreciates the diversity, "The group is a mixed diverse group. Girls, boys, Latin, Asian, it's beautiful."
The classes are $5 each. A small investment in their big futures. President Shannon Bilbray said, "If you're concerned your child might have developmental delays and you just don't know, we are here to help."
With everything from breast-feeding help to making sure your baby is reaching milestones, Family to Family Connection is investing in Las Vegas one child at a time.  
Bilbray explained, "We need to start right in the beginning when those kids come out because that's how they become future taxpayers, productive citizens in our society."
Family to Family Connection has been in Las Vegas for 13 years. They lost state funding a few years ago but they have creatively managed to stay afloat.  
One of their biggest fundraisers every year is Touch a Truck at The Orleans Hotel & Casino.
Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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Beth Fisher is an anchor for Good Morning Las Vegas and reports on the positive news in Las Vegas.