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Woman accused in bizarre watch heist speaks out to Action News from jail

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Woman accused in bizarre watch heist speaks out to Action News from jail

By Jacqui Heinrich. CREATED Aug 28, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- After a bizarre watch heist, one of the women accused spoke out to Action News.

Police said Trinity Kennard, Bryanna Warren, and Charmella Triggs used their charms and sexual favors to seduce two tourists from India, get them drunk, then rob them of their Rolex watches worth $16,000. But it's what they did when they were allegedly caught in the act that has people talking.

According to police, the women tried to flee, hiding the watches in their vaginas.

Action News contacted Trinity Kennard and requested a jailhouse interview, and she obliged. Kennard seemed surprised to be behind bars, saying, "I thought when stuff like this happens it's just like a personal thing. I didn't think police would get involved and I could go to jail."

But that's what happened to Kennard and her two friends after the Aug. 17 incident at the Encore Hotel. Police said when the two men realized they were being robbed, one man chased the girls out to the elevator in his underwear, backing off when Triggs pulled a stun gun. 

Security footage captured what happened next: Police documents say the cameras showed the girls, "hike up their dresses, squat, and while looking into the camera, appear to insert foreign objects into their respective vaginal and/or anal cavities."

Police said hotel security caught up with the girls. They were arrested in the taxi line. After some interrogation, one officer stated, "Kennard had removed the item from her vagina, then handed me a plastic bag which contained a blood covered Rolex."

Action News asked Kennard if she regrets what happened that night, "Totally, I'm in jail. I totally regret it and I feel bad for what happened, but I mean, they got their stuff back."

Kennard said when she gets out, she won't be doing it again. When asked if she'd learned her lesson, Kennard said, "Oh definitely, I've missed out on a lot of things being in here [jail]. I'm not even from here, I want to go home now. It's really depressing."

All three women are facing grand larceny charges. They are due in court Sept. 3.

Jacqui Heinrich

Jacqui Heinrich

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Jacqui Heinrich is currently an Emmy Award-winning anchor and reporter for Action News.