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Woman shot by husband in attempted murder-suicide recuperating

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Woman shot by husband in attempted murder-suicide recuperating

By Stacey Gualandi. CREATED Oct 13, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- We are getting our first look at the woman shot by her estranged husband Saturday afternoon. She smiles in her hospital bed with the two men who rescued her.

TJ Currie, who helped save her life, said her life is going to be a lot better now and she's going to be a lot happier. Tom and TJ Currie call her Meow. She's had two surgeries on her arm at University Medical Center and needs one more.

Tom Currie said there was damage to the artery in her arm, and "they had to remove the artery from her hip and put it in her arm." There is still a trail of blood in front of Meow's North Las Vegas home. Her neighbors helped her escape when her husband kept shooting at her.

If not for them, she may have bled to death. "Every time she would start to blackout I made sure she would stay awake and talk to me and answer my questions," said TJ.

Minutes later, police say Ron Boal, a military veteran, shot himself in the head. Tom said he was on a mission and just so happened, it didn't work out.

Police now have the home secured where Ron Boal and his wife lived. Their friends next door still can't believe he is gone. Henry Thompson says he's the last person to talk to Boal. He saw him with the gun, and then told Thompson to "stay out of it; mind your own business."

Just three weeks before, Boal showered them with a baby gift. Tanya Thompson couldn't hold back tears as she said how hard it is to accept that he's gone, especially to "go out like that." As for the woman who survived, the Curries say she hopes to put this all behind her.