Victim in alleged attempted murder plot by family takes the stand


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Victim in alleged attempted murder plot by family takes the stand

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED Nov 18, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A local man took the stand against members of his own family, accused of trying to kill him for insurance money.

That victim revealed some dark family secrets when he took the stand in the first day of the attempted murder trial of his ex-wife on Monday.

Prosecutors didn't waste any time getting Robert Bessey to tell the jury about his relationship with his now ex-wife and son leading up to the shooting.

The shooting took place on Interstate 15 near Valley of Fire State Park back in November 2012.

Bessey said, at first, he didn't realize he had been shot. "I'm looking towards them, they speed off. Then I realize the back window is busted out and I start to feel something dripping down the back of my neck."

Prosecutors claim the shooting was the result of a murder plot, masterminded by Bessey's then-wife, Amy, their adopted son Michael, and his brother-in-law Richard Pearson.

They claim the motive was a quarter million dollar life insurance payout, which was set to change hands once the couple's divorce was finalized.

During testimony on Monday, Bessey detailed the couple's 18-year marriage and the odd interactions between Amy and Michael after their son returned from the service at the end of 2011.

"They seemed to be close. More adult conversation, rather than mother and son," explained Bessey.

He went on to explain how his relationship with Amy continued to deteriorate until May when the couple had a large fight that eventually led to the divorce.

When the defense cross-examined Bessey, they didn't challenge many of his claims. Instead, they spent their time clarifying the time line surrounding the case.

Prosecutors hope to wrap up their portion of the case by the end of the week.

The judge hopes the entire trial is over in ten days.

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