Scorpion sting puts baby in hospital, mom says landlord isn't helping


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Scorpion sting puts baby in hospital, mom says landlord isn't helping

By Jennifer Kastner. CREATED Nov 18, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A valley woman says her one-year-old son almost died after being stung by a scorpion inside their apartment at the El Parque Villas. She's fed up, claiming management isn't doing enough to her help be sure he doesn't end up in harm's way again.

Mother Dakendra Crosby said little Dion was stung about a month ago. She told Action News paramedics took him to UMC. Medical paperwork shows he was moving uncontrollably and frothing at the mouth. "I [was] panicking. My mom [was] panicking. All we could do was pray that he was going to make it though," said Crosby.
"I was very scared that the [scorpion] was going to kill my grand baby," said grandmother Antionette Coleman. 
Dion has since recovered, but Dakendra is irritated. She said she has reported a scorpion infestation to the landlord for months. She said workers come inside her apartment and spray, sometimes once a week. Often, a day or two later, she said the insects resurface. 
The ConAm Management Corporation said it runs the El Parque Villas. A representative declined a taped interview, but spoke to Action News over the phone about the situation. The corporation acknowledges that there's a scorpion problem in the apartments, but wants to remind everyone that these types of situations happen in the desert environment of Las Vegas.
The corporation said Dakendra was given the option of breaking her lease at no cost. She, however, said she was given a different story, "They told me [it would cost about] $1,400." ConAm also told Action News that they offered to relocate her to a different apartment in a section of the complex that only had minimal scorpion reports, and they would do that free of charge. 
Tenants in that other part of the complex told Action News the scorpion situation is problematic where they are. "One [under] one of my couches was dead. One was under my bed. [I] also found an alive one under my oven [and] one crawling from the couch. One [was] simply crawling on my kitchen floor," said tenant Skylar Enneper.
Dakendra said the landlord reported to her that relocation would cost more than $900. "They don't care about their tenants. They don't care that I almost lost my son," she added.
The management corporation told Action News they spray the exterior of the complex on a quarterly basis. Additionally, if a tenant wants his or her apartment's interior sprayed, management will have workers take care of that as frequently as the tenant needs, even if it's weekly.