Vacant downtown building catches fire twice in two months


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Vacant downtown building catches fire twice in two months

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Oct 14, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A vacant building at 100 South 14th Street in downtown Las Vegas caught fire early Monday morning.

The fire was reported at about 1:30 a.m. Firefighters said no one was inside when they arrived.

The fire was located on the third floor and was limited to one room. The building used to house the Fremont Assisted Living Center.

This is the second fire within the last two months at the building. A fire on Sept. 9 was ruled as arson.

Neighbors told Action News they have seen homeless people taking shelter in the structure, even though it is boarded up and chained off. While investigators search for a cause, it's unclear if homeless people are connected to the latest incident. Firefighters said they found evidence of homeless people living at the property during their last investigation in September.

The city closed a code enforcement case against the property on Oct. 7, said city spokesman Jace Radke. The city required a representative of the owner to board up and secure the property, which Radke said they did. Still, neighbors said that might not be enough to stop people who are determined to get inside.

No one was injured during the fire. The cause is still under investigation.

An employee of the listed owner said a bank has taken over the property but did not have anymore details. Firefighters said part of the structure was boarded up again after they left the scene on Monday morning.