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U.S. companies welcoming the royal baby

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U.S. companies welcoming the royal baby

By Jessica Janner & Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Jul 24, 2013

(KTNV) -- The new prince of England isn't even a week old and he is one of the hottest topics in the world.

British marketers have been going gaga over his royal highness for quite some time. Now, with his birth on Monday, marketers in the United States have joined in on the fun.

Several U.S. companies are cashing in on the excitement over the royal baby -- producing videos and clever photos for their social media accounts.

Johnson & Johnson has a baby shampoo ad showing a baby in a tub with a crown made of suds.

And Coca-Cola toasted the royal couple with two Coke bottles with one labeled "Wills" and one labeled "Kate" on their Twitter account.

The Oreo cookie company tweeted a photo of a baby bottle and a cookie placed on a royal pillow.

And, of course, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority joined in on the fun with a clever ad saying: "Congratulations On The Royal Addition. See you in 21 years."

Other companies joining in include Pizza Hut, Craftsman Tools, Starbucks UK, Dunkin Donuts, Play-Doh and Pampers.

Pampers tweeted out a video featuring heart-tugging shots of babies under the headline: Every Little Baby is a Prince or Princess.

Pizza Hut is offering an online only deal celebrating the royal baby. Anyone who orders a large or medium pizza and puts the words ROYALOFFER in the promo code will receive one free side dish.

Dunkin' Donuts is offering the "Royal Munchin" -- a box of doughnut holes dipped in pink-and-blue sprinkles.

Craftsman tools posted new videos for first-time moms and dads about how to baby-proof their homes.

Magnum Ice Cream also get in on the act by tweeting a photo of ice cream topped with crowns.

The world got the first glimpse of the young monarch on Tuesday.

Now, everyone is playing another waiting game -- what will Will and Kate name the baby?

Names like James, George or Alexander have good odds while Henry and Arthur are considered long shots.

A lot of people lost money betting on the royal baby's birth date but there are still plenty of ways to try and win it back or lose even more.

Experts say people are betting on everything from the baby's name to his future career and his first word.

So far, more than $1.5 million have been wagered.

Most bets have been placed on the royal baby's name so far.