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Sex trafficking film, former sex slave helping victims in Las Vegas


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Sex trafficking film, former sex slave helping victims in Las Vegas

By Stacey Gualandi. CREATED Jan 18, 2014

Las Vegas, NV  (KTNV) -- Many people aren't aware that sex trafficking is going on right in our own backyard. Now a new documentary and the work of a former sex slave are hoping to end the vicious cycle one victim at a time. 

"We like to give the impression of the happy hooker. But it's completely a facade. It's not true, you have broken shattered children," said former victim Lisa Worthington.

She is referring to Las Vegas, what she calls ground zero for sex trafficking. At 18, she became a victim of the sex trade that normally targets girls as young 12.

She said she, "Got into it later than a lot of people do, but I was a single mom struggling."

After ten years, she escaped what is known as "the game" thanks to her faith. Now she helps other victims through an outreach group called Royalty Prayer Tour.

Lisa said there are countless victims, "Everywhere your children are, and where you let them go, is where a pimp is going to go."

A new 30-minute documentary titled "Trafficked No More" is dealing with Nevada's sex trade head on.  

"We cater to this problem as a city but with movies like Trafficked No More, people are becoming aware of this," said Worthington.

The film hasn't aired yet and it's already making an impact. One woman saw the four-minute trailer of the film and realized she was a victim of sex trafficking. That's when Lisa came to her rescue.

"She thought she didn't have a pimp all this time. She didn't realize. Girls think they have boyfriends, that men are in love with then; they believe they are in relationships but they have no idea. This woman is early in her recovery. It's very touch-and-go and will be a long process for her."

Lisa said with awareness comes change and as a community we can win this fight. 

"As long as there are women out her and they're working, then I will be out here on the streets until I die. This is what I'll do."

Lisa's outreach group can be found on Facebook or by calling (702) 376-9395.  

For information on the documentary, click here.  It will air on Channel 13 on Jan. 22.