Texas school district utilizing phones, tablets in the classroom


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Texas school district utilizing phones, tablets in the classroom

By Jessica Janner. CREATED Oct 11, 2013

Austin, TX (KTNV) -- There's a new way of teaching students in school, but does it work? Some schools are encouraging kids to bring their smartphones and tablets to school.

They're calling it BYOD, bring your own device.

Students said it has made learning a lot more fun. But the question is, does it beat traditional book learning?

In Austin's public school system, middle school and high school students can use their personal laptops, tablets and smartphones in class.

Some teachers even use the devices for tests, while others are getting kids to practice for the SATs by having them text answers in.

Teachers said the goal is to keep students engaged, using a tool they're already comfortable with.

This started in the district because it couldn't afford to provide students with iPads, so they upgraded the school's wireless infrastructure and let kids use their device that's already sitting in their pocket or backpack.

Jessica Janner

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