Teen being charged as adult in shooting death of his brother

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Teen being charged as adult in shooting death of his brother

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED May 28, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A 15-year-old boy is being charged as an adult after allegedly shooting his brother to death.

According to the arrest report, 18-year-old Clayton Bronson lived with his brother, Turner Bronson, and their mother at a home on Arcadia Bluff Court.

The mother told police there had been arguments between the two brothers for the past several months, because Clayton kept telling Turner to get his life together.

According to the mother, there were no handguns in the house.

On May 22, the mother told Turner she was sending him to a wilderness camp in Texas to get help, but he told her he didn't want to go.

Later that night, Clayton and Turner got into a physical altercation because Turner wanted to go to his girlfriend's house, and Clayton knew he was not allowed to go.

The mother said Clayton was holding him in a bear hug at the front door. She then broke the two up. Turner began yelling obscenities at Clayton and the two continued to argue.

The mother was in another room when she heard a single gunshot. When she came out, she saw Clayton holding his stomach. She said Clayton told her Turner shot him.

Clayton then walked downstairs as she began to call 911. She said as she was standing by Clayton, Turner walked towards him and when he was approximately two to three feet away from Clayton, he raised a black revolver toward Clayton's head and fired one shot, striking Clayton in the side of his head.

The mother said after Turner shot Clayton, he put the gun behind some pillows on the couch and began walking around the house while she was on the phone with 911. She said Turner eventually sat in a chair in the living room and waited for the police to arrive.

Police arrived and took Turner into custody.

Medical personnel examined Clayton and determined he was beyond resuscitation.

When interviewed by police, officers said Turner had difficulties answering questions. They said he would smile and chuckle at inappropriate times. Turner would give vague answers to easy questions and would not engage in appropriate conversation.

Turner was booked into the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center on one count of murder with a deadly weapon.

Close family friend La Rae DiCamillo doesn't believe Turner Bronson should be charged at all, "I am so sad and broken-hearted that he's being tried as an adult because he should not be tried as an adult. He's a child [and] what he needs is medical help."

The DiCamillo family told Action News the 15 year old had recently taken a dark turn and wasn't acting like his usual self.

"That just wasn't Turner who did that, inside. It obviously happened but that just wasn't something Turner would do," said best friend Danny DiCamillo.