Quadriplegic boy reunited with best friend who was missing

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Quadriplegic boy reunited with best friend who was missing

By Kean Bauman. CREATED Oct 23, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A 6-year-old boy and his dog were reunited on Wednesday, after the dog went missing for nearly a week.

Action News told you about Georgia on Tuesday night, and thanks to one of our viewers, the best friends are back together again.

Ryan Russell is a quadriplegic and suffers from injuries caused by a near drowning accident when he was just six-months-old.

About two years ago, the Russell's took in Georgia who is a rescue dog. She bonded with Ryan right away. Georgia is more than a best friend, she alerts the family when she senses something is wrong with Ryan.

That's why the family was so desperate to get her back.

"There you go, that's a good boy. There's your doggie back," expressed Ryan's mom, Nonna Russell, excited to see the two together again.

Credit for this happy reunion goes to one of our viewers.

Tuesday night, Nonna received a text message shortly after our story aired, which read, "I just seen the news about your dog missing and I'm sure I seen it in North Las Vegas."

But Nonna was cautious and didn't want to get her hopes up.

On Wednesday morning, the family went to meet the caller to see if Georgia was really there.

"Georgia turned around, saw us, came out, went right past me somehow and went straight to the car," said Nonna.

Now that Georgia is back on her post, Ryan's day is already better.

"His hand went up right away. He can't really control it. All he knows is, 'There's my dog.' And he just reaches for her," said Nonna.

Georgia has her own health problems, which is another reason why the Russell's are happy she's home.