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Sentencing postponed for man accused of shooting stepfather


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Sentencing postponed for man accused of shooting stepfather

By Denise Wong. CREATED Apr 2, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The man who pled guilty to conspiring with his mother to kill his father was supposed to learn his fate Wednesday.

But the judge pushed back the sentencing for 22-year-old Michael Bessey. It was a relief to his family.

"For Michael to have gotten an extra 60 days to talk to the parole officers again and realize that he's a person and not just some number in a cell, it made me really happy," said Aly Bessey, his younger sister.

The two are less than two years apart and very close. Aly said what people don't know about her brother is that he's really just a softie, "He's a really, really soft guy. He's a big old teddy bear."

But as part of a plea deal, Michael Bessey did plead guilty to attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. In 2012, his father Robert Bessey, was driving near the Valley of Fire when he was shot in the neck. He survived.

Michael Bessey, who is his adopted son, was arrested for the crime. Robert's brother-in-law, Richard Pearson, was also arrested. Michael's mother, Amy Bessey, who was Robert's ex-wife, was convicted of masterminding the plan.

Last month, she was sentenced to 13-3/4 years to 44 years in prison. She always maintained that Robert was abusive for most of their 18 year marriage. That history of abuse is the main reason the judge agreed to postpone Michael Bessey's sentencing.

Michael's lawyer said his client was abused by Robert, too, as a child. The attorney did not think that information was well-documented in the PSI report, which he considered critical to the sentencing.

Judge David Barker granted Michael Bessey's attorney another two months. That sounded like a miracle to Michael's family members, who came to court to show their support. They just about filled an entire row in the courtroom.

"I was just letting him know through our eyes and our smiles that we love him and we're supporting him and that's what he needs," said Aly Bessey.  She said Michael's about two years older. They were inseparable as children and are still close now.

The last time she spoke with him was on Monday, when she visited him at the Clark County Detention Center. She said he has always had a positive energy about him, "He's not sitting there moaning and complaining about it. He's positive and he's got that and he's bringing a light to the people he's around and to me. Even where he's at, he's giving all of us hope, even though we're trying to be the ones giving him hope."

Aly Bessey hopes the completed PSI report that comes out before the sentencing will provide a clearer picture of the kind of man her brother is. She said he's a good guy.  Even though she knows it's inevitable that he will be serving time, she's staying hopeful.

She plans to be there at her big brother's sentencing in June. She also plans to be in court later this month, when her uncle Richard Pearson, will be sentenced on April 30.  He also accepted a plea deal earlier this year.