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Some lawmakers returning pay earned during government shutdown


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Some lawmakers returning pay earned during government shutdown

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Oct 18, 2013

(KTNV) -- The government shutdown may be over but the debate over the debacle is not.

The forced furlough hut a lot of people's bottom line. They were not getting paid but the congressmen and women who caused all the cacophony got their checks on time.

Some of them are making good though and giving up their paychecks.

We don't know how many just yet but there is movement on Capitol Hill to get more of them to give back the pay that was earned during the shutdown.

It all started with Republican Congressman Frank Lobiando from New Jersey.

He sent the Treasury Department a check for $5,124.09 with a note said it was his salary for the 16 days that the government was closed.

Since it was Congress that shut the government down, many Americans have wondered why they should still be paid.

ABC called every member of the Senate and the House but many did not respond.

But 33 lawmakers did, including Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford, and said that they would be returning their pay or donating it to charity.

Only 14 members told ABC News that they would be keeping their paychecks.