Smiley face on son's report card upsets Florida mom


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Smiley face on son's report card upsets Florida mom

By Jessica Janner. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

Florida (KTNV) -- A mom in Florida is upset because of a smiley face on her son's report card.

Not only that, he also made the honor roll even though his report card had a C and a D on it.

Beth Tillack said the smiley face and a note saying good job next to the D grade undermines her as a parent and she thinks the school's lax standards are actually damaging to kids.

The school's principal explained the handwritten note as encouragement for a student who had made an effort.

After the uproar, the teacher has since taken the note off the report card and replaced it with "Work on Civics. Ask for help." instead.

The entire school district is now evaluating its grading system and thinking about changing the standards for honor roll.

Tillack's son attends Pasco Middle School in Dade City, Florida.

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