Several air conditioning units vandalized at local church

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Several air conditioning units vandalized at local church

By Stacey Gualandi. CREATED Jul 3, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Thieves have left a local church without air conditioning and a way to serve the homeless hot meals.  

The temperature inside Christ Church Episcopal on Maryland Parkway is the same as it is outside.

Concrete slabs and cut wires are all that's left in front of the Chris Church after not one, but five air conditioning units were vandalized early Saturday morning. It's left the church deacon hot under the collar.

"It's costing the people who we serve, and as you know, the church is called to serve," said Deacon Bonnie Polley.  

The church caretaker said the vandals, "Peeled the units like a banana and what they did was just pull the condenser coils and leave everything else."

Every Wednesday, they feed 150 homeless people. But with no A/C in the kitchen, they couldn't cook any hot meals.  

"Instead of calling the whole thing off, we prepared them with sandwiches in a sack lunch," said Polley.

This is the third time in a year they've called the cops. The cost to replace the units this time could exceed $30,000. One church volunteer is so upset, he's offering his own money to catch the criminals.

"If they're caught, whoever catches them gets $500," said Attorney James Stuart.

But Deacon Polley, who is known as the "Mother Theresa" of the valley, said a little faith and divine intervention will get them through this hell.

"I know that God is going to find a way for us to continue and we just need to muster up and do it," said Polley.

The church does have insurance and other churches have helped with donations this week.  

But what the church can't afford are "cages" that will ultimately protect the A/C units and keep the thieves striking a fourth time.