Seniors speak out about shoddy conditions in apartment complex


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Seniors speak out about shoddy conditions in apartment complex

By Stacey Gualandi. CREATED May 15, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Gov. Brian Sandoval is joining local and county lawmakers to improve the shoddy conditions that have plagued a senior living apartment building for years.

Residents say enough is enough.

"This is an ongoing situation but everyone wants to sweep it under the rug," said resident Herman Jackson, Jr.  

Jackson lives at the 58-unit Buena Vista Spring Apartments on Morton Avenue. It is a privately-owned, state-supervised complex that serves low-income seniors. But residents aren't happy.

Mary J. Clayon said the conditions are horrible.

Hanging air conditioner vents, poor landscaping, a lack of security, and 80-year-old Rima Missakini, who is partially paralyzed, has no closets.

A security gate has a lock but it's wide open and off of it's hinges. Residents are very concerned about their safety. That also includes emergency pull cords for the elderly.

Jackson said his hasn't worked in 14 years. When a 64-year-old neighbor was found dead in his apartment down the hall Wednesday, it renewed attention on the building's run-down conditions.

"It took a death to find out emergency pull cords didn't work," said Jackson.

Politicians continue to press the building's owners. Congressman Horsford, Gov. Sandoval and other city and county officials asked the IRS Thursday to revoke tax exempt credits until conditions are improved. But some residents can't wait, and want to move out as soon as possible.

"It's very frustrating. When Uncle Sam gives me the money I'm owed, then I will take off," said Missakini.  

Residents said a state auditor came Thurs day to check on the emergency pull cords. An on-location property manager was unauthorized to comment.

Action News reached out to the property owners, left a message and still no word. The state said they have until June 30 to fix all the problems.