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Riders talk motorcycle safety at Las Vegas BikeFest

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Riders talk motorcycle safety at Las Vegas BikeFest

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED Oct 6, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- With three fatal motorcycle crashes in the past week, safety was on the mind of local riders attending the Las Vegas BikeFest. 

"There is a lot of new stuff, there is a lot of new bikes," Simon Marshall said as he left BikeFest.

Hundreds of riders headed out to the Cashman Center to check out the latest bikes on display at BikeFest.
"Kind of looking for a bike for myself because I've always been a backseat rider. So comparing prices.  We really enjoyed it," Rondalyn Marshall said.
Many of the riders at BikeFest are looking for the latest accessories for their bikes, but they also got a chance to check out the latest safety features and take part in safety demonstrations.
"It shows riders like her how to ride and react to certain conditions that are on the freeway," Simon Marshall said.
Riders said safety is always on their minds, especially after three riders were killed on local roadways in the past week.
"The car may be at fault, but the problem is the motorcycle rider takes the brunt of it. So we have to be really on our toes," Glenn Christian said.
That's why veteran riders like Glenn Christian recommend that young riders consider the inherent danger before getting on a bike, and once they decide to ride Christian recommends they enroll in safety classes.
"When you get used to it, take the advanced classes. Which I've taken several just to keep up with the rules of the road," Christian said.
Training and experience is how many riders say you can learn to anticipate common mistakes drivers make that could cost a rider their life.
"I try to get in his mirror or I try to make sure that he sees me. I don't really stay in the middle of a car. I try to get on one side where I can see if he is going to react," Christian said.
Riders are asking drivers to watch their rear view mirrors and blind spots for motorcycles especially with more riders expected on the road as the weather cools down.
Bryan Callahan

Bryan Callahan

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Bryan Callahan joined the Action News team as a general assignment reporter in August of 2013.