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Kyle Canyon residents repair foundation after floods


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Kyle Canyon residents repair foundation after floods

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED Sep 3, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- As flood waters washed away large sections of road in Kyle Canyon’s Rainbow Subdivision Sunday, residents in the lower part of the canyon said things may have been even worse for them.

"Both washes were running. My house was an island," Roxanne Carnevale said.
Roxanne Carnevale said her home on Barr Road has been surrounded by water two weeks in a row as debris and flood waters higher up in the canyon gathered momentum.
"When these things are running it is scary. It is noisy. It is like a freight train," Carnevale said.
She and her neighbors said there has been so much water running down the mountain that it actually created a second wash last Sunday that is not supposed to run through the neighborhood.
"This has never been a wash before," Carnevale said.
The flood waters came rushing through here so fast they pushed two large storage containers about 100 yards down from where they were sitting and a propane tank from about 300 yards.
"My phone line went with the propane tank, and until we get some dirt in there and buried the power line and everything was exposed," Carnevale said.
That was the biggest concern for a local concrete crew that was donating it's time to help residents in the area.
"Some of the people out here as the ravine goes down back here behind us is washes the dirt right out from under the house," Charlie Pagett with R&K Concrete Cutting said.
While the concrete crews were able to fill in a large hole underneath Carnevale's garage, she said she is hoping for a more permanent solution.
"Just fix what needs to be fixed up above us," Carnevale said.
Until crews can repair damage done by the Carpenter 1 wildfire many of these residents said they will work to barricade their properties to stop future floods from washing away their foundations.
Bryan Callahan

Bryan Callahan

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Bryan Callahan joined the Action News team as a general assignment reporter in August of 2013.