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Disturbing report details alleged child abuse by local foster parents

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Disturbing report details alleged child abuse by local foster parents

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Mar 27, 2014

**Warning: Some of the content in this story is disturbing**

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Las Vegas officials are investigating a disturbing case of child abuse in a foster home.

On March 4, Las Vegas police received a report from Child Protective Services detailing an extensive history of abuse and neglect to three children by their previous foster parents, who later became their adoptive parents.

Janet and Dwight Solander, along with Janet's daughter, Danielle Hinton, face nearly two dozen child abuse charges.

In addition to the three adopted children, the Solanders also had four foster children in their home.

During a February visit, a CPS specialist asked Janet where her adopted children were and she replied, "Nebraska, and it is none of your business."

Dwight advised police the three girls were at a boarding school in Florida, and had been there since November 2013.

CPS contacted Florida's Department of Children & Families. CPS in Florida said the girls expressed fear of returning to Las Vegas due to believing they would be killed by their mother, Janet.

The girls disclosed many details to CPS about alleged abuse by their parents. They said Janet, Dwight and Danielle would hit them with a paint stick until they bled, if they had an accident in their underwear, if they took too long in the bathroom or if they answered homework problems wrong.

The girls said Janet had a timer, and the girls were not allowed to use the bathroom until the timer went off. Due to having to hold their urine and bowels for so long, they said it was difficult and painful to use the bathroom.

If the girls had bathroom accidents, they said they were not allowed to eat for a few days. If the girls got into trouble, Janet made them sit on a bucket that had a toilet seat on top for several hours.

The girls also said if they got into trouble, Janet made them take cold showers and she would pour ice water on them. They weren't allowed to use towels to dry off, instead they were made to stand in front of a large fan. They said they slept on boards with no sheets or blankets, and they could only sleep in their underwear.

Dwight and Janet would also allegedly make the girls wear their soiled underwear on their head and put the underwear in their mouth, if they had an accident.

The girls stated they had scars from when Janet would pour hot water on them.

A forensic pediatrician examined the girls and found numerous scars and burns on their arms, legs, necks, backs and buttocks. The doctor said the injuries were definitive for abuse.

An RN for Department of Family Services brought to the attention of CPS, that Janet had authored and published a book entitled, "Foster Care, How to Fix this Corrupted System." The book details what Janet feels are problems with the Department of Family Services and raising foster children.

A search warrant was conducted on March 20 at the home, where Janet, Dwight and Danielle were taken into custody.

Department of Family Services released this statement:

"Child safety is embedded into every decision made by the Clark County Department of Family Services in providing services to children and families. Providing quality caregivers is part of that service.

Foster parents are called upon to care for our most vulnerable. If the abuse alleged to have occurred at the hands of Janet and Dwight Solander, and their adult daughter Danielle Hinton is true, it is indefensible and the very type of behavior the department defends children against.

This does not, however, characterize the many excellent foster parents who have stepped forward to fill a vital role in our community by providing quality care for abused and neglected children.

The Solanders were licensed in 2010. The department has suspended their license with the intent to revoke it.

The department has no comment about the book written by Janet Solander entitled 'Foster Care: How to Fix This Corrupted System.'

All licensed foster parents in Clark County are:

-- Subject to federal and local criminal background checks as well as a review of all central registries and Child Abuse & Neglect Systems (CANS) of each state in which they have resided the past 5 years

-- Required to complete 30+ hours of training specific to the issues and needs of abused and neglect children

-- Subject to a home study - an evaluation of the family dynamic and a physical inspection of the home, which looks for requirements such as appropriate sleeping arrangements, first aid kids and fire extinguishers.

The department's top priority is ensuring the safety and privacy of these children. Because of the pending criminal investigation and confidentiality requirements, this will be the only statement the department will provide at this time."