Report: Woman kills man after being paid for sex in Las Vegas

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Report: Woman kills man after being paid for sex in Las Vegas

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Jun 30, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Police have charged a woman following the death of a Las Vegas man inside his apartment.

On May 29 at approximately 4 p.m., William Sanford was discovered stabbed to death in his apartment on Meikle Lane.

Patrol officers responded when the manager of the complex stated there were bloody footprints leading out of the apartment.

She said she was approached by a tenant who stated the night before, he heard screaming and banging coming from Sanford's apartment. He said he could hear Sanford yelling for help.

He said, at one point in the evening, he also saw a black female sitting on the sidewalk out front, chanting or praying.

When he later rode by on his bike, he saw the same female loading something into Sanford's car. She got in and sped off. He also stated the woman was wearing different clothes than the first time he saw her.

Detectives viewed surveillance footage from a nearby market of the woman matching the description given by the tenant. A Las Vegas police officer recognized the woman in the video as Elita Maldanado. A records check showed she was in custody in Wyoming.

Detectives responded to Wyoming and conducted an interview with Maldanado. She said Sanford picked her up for the purpose of paid sex. They drove in his vehicle to his apartment.

Once at the apartment, according to the police report, Sanford paid Maldanado $200 and the two had sex. She said she then heard her daughter's voice in her head.

Maldanado said she went outside, prayed on the sidewalk and then went back inside. She said she started hearing her daughter's voice again and the voice was telling her that Sanford had hurt her daughters.

Maldanado went into the bedroom and saw Sanford sleeping. She picked up a barbell and hit Sanford in the forehead. The two "tussled" on the bed for a minute and then Maldanado walked into the living room with Sanford following her. The two then fought with Sanford allegedly threatening to kill her.

The fight went into the kitchen and Sanford apparently had his hands on Maldanado's neck. She reached back and grabbed a knife and stabbed Sanford. She said he fell to the floor and she stopped stabbing him.

Maldanado said she panicked and walked around the entire apartment several times, trying to figure out what to do. She took a sheet and put it over the front window. She said she cleaned up and changed her clothes.

She said she took Sanford's car, left the area and drove until she ran out of gas the next day.

Maldanado said she got a ride to the Union Plaza and hopped a cargo train that was leaving town. She thought it was heading to Phoenix but ended up in Wyoming.

An inspection of her hands showed deep, incised wounds she said she got while fighting with Sanford. She also had wounds on her knee and ankle.

Based on evidence at the scene, the interview with the tenant and the confession of Maldanado, detectives believe she stabbed Sanford to death after sex and then stole his phone and vehicle.

She's been charged with murder and robbery.