Rep. of Israel in Southwestern U.S. speaks out to Action News


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Rep. of Israel in Southwestern U.S. speaks out to Action News

By Casey Smith. CREATED Jul 24, 2014

The conflict in the Middle East is being felt in the United States, with people on both sides of the issue keeping a close eye on developments.

On Thursday, Action News spoke with Consul General David Siegel who is the Senior Representative of Israel in the Southwestern United States.

He said Israelis are sorry Palestinian civilians are dying in Gaza, but Israel has the right to protect itself.

"They attack Israel, they fire at Israel from schools, hospitals, mosques and homes and U.N. installations and then they expect us not to respond. We try to call on the population to leave, the Hamas threatens them to stay. So the bottom line is, our civilian population is directly threatened, we have to act in self defense. We're trying to distinguish between the terrorists and the civilians, but they're using their own civilians as human shields and that is a war crime in itself."

The Israeli military has dropped leaflets warning the Palestinians of missile attacks and they've stopped shooting long enough for civilians to venture out and get supplies.