Entry period for puppy raffle closes, selection process begins

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Entry period for puppy raffle closes, selection process begins

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED Mar 25, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- After weeks of controversy, the puppies that survived a pet shop fire are just days away from finding homes.

More than 200 entries were purchased in the raffle of 25 dogs.

The actual selection of the winners is going to be done by computer to make sure everything is fair. Those winners should be notified by the end of business hours on Wednesday, so they can start the process of making sure they are the proper fit for the puppy they chose.

The Animal Foundation and A Home 4 Spot are working to sort through the 222 entries. That total is double what was expected.

"This is why we went for the raffle aspect because we knew there was no other equitable way to determine who was a winner," said Andy Bischel with The Animal Foundation.

The ultimate selection will come down to a computer algorithm but there are several other steps that will be completed before each of the dogs leave the shelter, including a home check to make sure the puppies will be safe.

"We do check that you don't have anything dangerous for them to get into. If you do have stairs and a little guy like this are you prepared to carry them up and down," said Stephanie Meyer with A Home 4 Spot.

Volunteers with A Home 4 Spot also plan to make sure each owner has a plan in place to cover potential medical expenses for the puppies and make sure the dog is safe.

"I want people to understand that we're not out to discriminate against anyone. We do this for all of our dogs,"  explained Meyer.

With some of the dogs like Cinderella, the French Bulldog attracting 31 entries, some are concerned the new owner may turn around and try to sell the puppy for a profit. A Home 4 Spot said they will be keeping a close eye on that.

"We have people to go through craigslist on a daily basis. We are going to know these dogs pretty well and that is not going to happen."

While that sounds like a lot of work, the foundation and A Home 4 Spot hope to have it all done within just a few days.

Bryan Callahan

Bryan Callahan

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