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Protesters march on Animal Foundation


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Protesters march on Animal Foundation

By Bryan Callahan. CREATED Nov 23, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Hundreds of animal lovers gathered at the Animal Foundation Saturday demanding change because of the shelter's kill rate.

"It is not about the animals. We are not attacking them, we are attacking management. So we are encouraging people to adopt," Bryce Henderson said.

Hundreds of protesters marched along Mojave outside the Animal Foundation shelter hoping to inspire a change in the group's policies, and getting them to move toward a no kill model.

"It doesn't mean no dog is killed, it means all of the adoptable dogs are saved. That would typically be 90-percent," Henderson said.

The group puts a lot of the blame on the Animal Foundation's Executive Director Christine Robinson for what they said was a 61-percent kill rate last year.

Robinson said she is doing everything she can to reduce a 59-percent euthanasia rate in 2012, but said it’s hard because they have to accept every animal brought to the shelter.

"The reality is we are bringing in 118 animals every day, an average of 118 animals every day. Because we are open admission we get sick animals," Robinson said.

The Animal Foundation said it would like to see a lower euthanasia rate as well.

They said in an effort to do that they post all of their new animal’s pictures to their website and twitter every hour.

"We still must euthanize 33-percent of the dogs that come into our shelter and 73-percent of the cats that come into our shelter, and we don't like those numbers either," Robinson said.

While the protesters are calling for Robinson to be removed from her post, a long time board member said that is not an option; pointing out the euthanasia rate at the shelter is on the decline.

"The board is 100,000 percent behind Chris. I don't know who these people are, I don't know where they came from, I don't know what their credentials are," Janie Gale said.

Another area protesters were concerned with was the $250 adoption fee for dogs.

Shelter officials said some dogs do start at that fee, but said that fee is reduced to as low as $105 depending on how long the dog is in the shelter.


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