Police share details on fatal domestic crime spree

Police share details on fatal domestic crime spree

CREATED Aug 13, 2014

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- North Las Vegas police say a suspect who fatally stabbed a woman earlier this week attacked another man he knew with a metal stake before the man shot him dead.

The new details about the domestic violence-related crime spree were released Wednesday.

Police say the string of events began Monday when 40-year-old suspect Scott J. Brown crashed his vehicle into Angela Tamayo-Espinoza's vehicle in a gated Las Vegas community. Officers say he then broke her car window and stabbed her multiple times before fleeing.

She later died.

Police say Brown then headed to North Las Vegas, where he drove his truck into a front yard and hit the house.

Authorities say he confronted the 40-year-old homeowner and hit him with a metal concrete stake before the homeowner shot Brown dead.