Report: Mom says voices in her head told her to drown son

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Report: Mom says voices in her head told her to drown son

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Mar 10, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The Las Vegas mother accused of drowning her 3-year-old son refused to remove him from a tub despite pleas from a 911 dispatcher.

According to a newly-released police report, Christine Allen called 911 on March 8. She told the dispatcher her son had drowned. The dispatcher asked her to remove the child and attempt to start life-saving measures.

When emergency personnel arrived on scene, they found Allen sitting on her living room floor and her son, Noah Lane Allen, in the tub. The child later died at a local hospital.

At the scene, Allen allegedly told a fire department captain that "voices in her head" told her to drown her son.

Later, during an interview with homicide detectives, she told them that, "It was like a demon inside of me took over."

According to her, she asked Noah if he wanted to go swimming and he said yes. Initially, she tried to claim that she blacked out and woke up to find Noah dead in the tub. During further questioning, she allegedly admitted that she pushed Noah's head under the water and held him there.

She also said that her son was able to lift his head out of the water at one point and told her, "I don't want to go swimming."

Allen also told detectives that she thought Noah would be better off dead than being a part of a split family.

Allen is divorced from Noah's father and she was on verge of being evicted from her apartment.

Formal charges have yet been filed.

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