Police paperwork details arrest following Bellagio robbery


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Police paperwork details arrest following Bellagio robbery

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Jul 28, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The police report for the recent robbery at the Bellagio provides more details into what happened.

In the evening hours of July 25, Las Vegas police were notified of a robbery at the hotel-casino.

Police said the suspect approached a Bellagio cashier's cage, and placed a small black backpack on the counter, unzipped the bag and removed a firearm.

According to police paperwork, he pointed the gun directly at the cashier. The suspect handed her the backpack and demanded money.

She complied by putting money from her first drawer into the bag. After the backpack was returned, the suspect walked rapidly out of the casino.

When the cashier was interviewed by police, she said the man approached the counter and said, "I'm gonna need your money." She said she placed the money in the backpack and didn't look up.

Supervisors said the money stolen was around $43,500.

On July 26, police were notified of a suspicious male at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The male had apparently contacted another man, who was visiting from Texas, and offered him $300 to rent a room at the Hard Rock. He said he didn't have identification to obtain the room himself.

The man had been checking out and agreed to rent another room. Shortly after, that man notified authorities of what happened.

Surveillance video of the suspicious male at Hard Rock showed him wearing the same shirt as worn during the Bellagio robbery.

The video also showed several prostitutes frequenting his hotel room. When they exited the room, they were detained by law enforcement. One of them had a bag with more than $3,300 in it, and some of the money was bound by straps with the label "Bellagio Count Team."

On July 27, officers executed a search warrant in the man's hotel room and found $10,000 in cash, a BB gun, backpack and high-end clothes.

The man was taken into custody and has been charged under the name John Doe. He told police his name is Scott Rice, saying he's from Kansas. He did not recall his social security number, telephone number or address.

Police said he would laugh inappropriately during the interview. He denied being on any medication or using drugs. He would not respond occasionally when questioned.

When questioned as to how he acquired the large amount of cash he had in his possession, he claimed to have found a black bag with the cash in the parking lot of a casino.

He confirmed being at the Bellagio but claimed not to recollect what occurred while he was there. When shown a still photograph from the Bellagio surveillance cameras, which depicted him, he immediately stated, "That's me." But he continued to deny any recollection of the robbery.

John Doe now faces burglary, robbery and grand larceny charges.

Police are still working to confirm his identity.