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Plane leaving Las Vegas airport hits swarm of bees


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Plane leaving Las Vegas airport hits swarm of bees

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Apr 16, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A plane that flew out of McCarran International Airport recently had to turn around and head back after a strange encounter.

The plane hit a swarm of bees.

The Allegiant flight was headed to Duluth, Minnesota, when it happened. The plane wasn't in the air very long when the cabin of the plane was filled with an awful smell.

The pilot then announced on the intercom the plane had to turn around.

The fire department and police were waiting when the plane landed.

A spokesperson for Allegiant said the swarm of bees clouded the windshield and were ingested into the engines.

Everything was fine though. The passengers made it to Duluth and were only a couple hours late.

Joyce Lupiani

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