Parents involved in police standoff over daughters facing multiple charges

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Parents involved in police standoff over daughters facing multiple charges

By Stacey Gualandi. CREATED Apr 23, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- For several hours Tuesday night, police said 32-year-old Jesse Percival and 31-year-old Cassandra Stewart faced off with officers following a family dispute over custody of their 12 and 9-year-old daughters. 

On Wednesday, Studio Street near Lamb showed no signs of the standoff from the night before. The home where the family lived is now quiet. But that couple is now under arrest.

"The husband lost his job as a union painter when the economy went bad. From things I've seen and understand, they went to drugs and things went down the tubes," said Raymond Cashill, who lives across the street. 

Las Vegas police said since January of 2103, officers have been called to the house 16 times. Neighbors witnessed violent arguments, all while the two girls were home-schooled. 

"The poor grandpa has tried helping them financially for awhile and guess about six months ago he told me he had it and wasn't going to help anymore," said Cashill.

According to neighbors, everything came to a head on Easter Sunday. The grandfather and son-in-law fought. Police were called. Then the grandfather got custody of the two girls. 

Added Cashill, "They went yesterday and took the kids back from the grandfather and he called the police. This escalated to like a five-hour siege last night."

Police said the standoff ended after midnight. The two girls were taken into protective services and now the parents are facing kidnapping, child endangerment and domestic battery charges.

Neighbors said the grandfather hopes to reunite with his granddaughters on Wednesday and then plans to take them out of state to be with extended family.